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The reason

This blog is a place where mums of all ages with children of all ages get to tell their story about giving birth.  
After having 2 children of my own, I felt that there was a real lack of everyday information about actually giving birth. Everything was either too clinical or idealistic. There was so much info & advice about being pregnant, but not much about what happens in the end! The focus seemed to be on a birth plan, but from my own experience & talking to other Mum's I found out that more often than not, that goes out the window! There are so many things that can happen, things that go right & lots of things that go wrong. I guess that the NHS dont want to overload pregnant women with information, but I didnt even know about cord prolapse before it happened to me & I have been dealing with the after effects ever since.
If this blog can help even 1 woman feel better, then its done its job.
For me, writing things down makes my brain process things better. I dont need feedback, just a space to clear my head. If you feel the same, please share your story too...


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