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Its not OK to not be OK!

The phrase of the moment seems to be 'its OK not to be OK' but controversially I don't agree! Its not OK, we deserve better & I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to be OK, or even more than OK. I'd rather be saying 'its OK to want to be happy'

Not many people know about it, but I spent a year going to Talking Therapies. I started when I couldn't cope with my emotions after having my second child. After many sessions, we finally found the route of my problems was my feelings of inadequacy, not just as a mother but in life in general. We went through all of the usual CBT suggestions until I decided I felt positive enough to stop my sessions. That was nearly 2 years ago.

Over the last month or so those old feelings have been creeping back in & last week things got even worse. One of my biggest worries was realized & my lack of importance to others was confirmed. I have been feeling wretched & that is not OK.

I don't want to feel like this , I want to feel happy! Not the easiest thing, especially during a national lockdown & global pandemic, but I will get there. Perhaps being away from everything & everyone for a while will help, give me time to concentrate on myself & getting my head back on track. Focusing on my family & things that make me happy will get me through this, back to being OK. It is not OK to not be OK for me!