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I'm back!

So, its been a while. I haven't posted anything for such a long time as I lost all direction for this site.

When I decided to create this, I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve - to help others. The how to achieve is where I've struggled. I only have 2 birth stories of my own, so don't have that much to talk about! I'm hoping that as time goes on I will find more people who want to share theirs.

I have decided on a slight re-brand to 'Birth Tales & beyond', this is to help show life beyond the birth story. The form that life takes is different for everyone, just like the birth itself & it seems right to share that.

So this is me. 36 years old, two children, 1 traumatic birth, 1 precision planned birth, 2 dogs & a lovely husband. I work part time & feel horrendously inadequate both at home & work for that, but I know how important it is & am doing it for the long game! I run, do yoga & during lock-down have discovered that I quite like gardening. So please join me, either to participate or just watch...