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Induction after obstetric cholestasis

My story really started at about 36 weeks when I went for a routine visit to the midwife complaining that my skin had become ever so itchy (especially the palms of my hands and soles of my feet!) I was rushed to the hospital for an urgent blood test that showed I was suffering from obstetric cholestasis, a condition where bile acid is leaked into your bloodstream. It was all a whirlwind, I was then told I would be induced 2 weeks early, as this condition had put me as a ‘high risk pregnancy’. In the space of 12 hours I had gone from calm thoughts and roughly 4 weeks left to wait for my new arrival, to 2 weeks until induction and 3 hospital visits a week in this time. Time flew. My induction date soon came around. I had bags and bags packed as I had been told over and over again that inductions can be a long process due to it not being a natural way for the labour to start. We were given a nice room, my husband was able to stay with me so blew up his air bed next to me. Our pile of snacks lined up on the window sill. Induction started at midday when a pessary was inserted - no one warned me how uncomfortable (not painful) this would be. Once it’s in, you spend the next few hours desperately trying not to sneeze, laugh, wee .. anything that may cause it to come out - there was no way i was facing having it put back in! I was told to walk up and down stairs sideways to get my pelvis moving - I did this over and over again. Walking, I just remember walking and walking .. up and down the car park thinking I MUST GET THIS BABY OUT! Soon midnight had crept up, my husband fast asleep - the boredom had set in as nothing was happening. Around 1 am I started to get some niggles, mild period pain type pain, I was examined and was not dilated at all - not good news! By 2am the pains were getting considerably stronger, to the point I vomited, at this point I felt a little POP and felt a huge gush of water, at first I thought OH MY GOD IVE WET MYSELF, until my husband calmly pointed out it must be my waters breaking. At 2.30 I was examined again... 8cm dilated. I couldn’t believe it when the midwife said I was ready to go to the delivery suite! With just gas and air I started pushing at around 3.30 & by 5.15 my little baby girl had made her appearance into the world. It was like a lion king moment when the midwife held our baby up so we could see the sex! I had asked for instant skin to skin, that’s definitely a moment I will never forget. In an instant all the pain fades away, the exhaustion is unbelievable, but when your lying there with your little miracle in your arms, nothing else matters.

This story was very kindly shared by mummy_daughter_2018​

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